About Us

Everthing you need to know about us.

Who We Are

Easy-rentz  equipment rental is a sister company of Dreamlink Digital solutions plc which is Addis Ababa based company managed by highly experienced information technology professionals and offers consulting services in the areas of E-commerce, E-learning platform, Software Development, IT Infrastructure Management, Security Infrastructure design, Quality Assurance and implementation. Converge has considerable experience delivering solutions in single and multi-operating system environment.

At Easy rentz, we are trustworthy, innovative, curious and unafraid to take charge. Our values create a culture of trust, integrity and accountability.

Culture and Values

Customers First

We’re focused on the needs of our customers. Responsive to the market, we actively engage with potential clients every day. We want to understand their needs, so we can better serve them

Encouraging Curiosity

Insatiable inquisitiveness drives exploration and innovation. It’s what turns cutting-edge into the norm. We’re not people who ask “why?” We’re the people who ask “why not?”


We solve emergencies immediately. We’re professionals who are continuously improving every aspect of our business, including software, vehicles, equipment, facilities and behavior.

Working Smarter

Hard work is a cornerstone of success, but even better is smart work. Proactive, instead of reactive, we anticipate change, push boundaries and actively engage disruptive forces

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Meet Our Creative Team


General Manager


Chief Technology officer


Chief Marketing officer


Chief Financial officer

Our Services

Our Technology Consulting focuses on delivering solutions across the following critical business areas

Extra Products

e-learning platform help customers to sell and buy short courses to personal growth and boost career

e-commerce which help customers to sell, buy and rent their construction equipment

Online Rental

we enable you to book any equipment you want online for your project

Best Quality

quality is something we are not going to negoiate about

Best Offers

Get what ever Equipment you want with best price

Secure Privacy

we keep your data safe and secure

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